The national incentive grants up to 25% return on costs spent in Norway for productions produced partly or entirely in Norway, and intended for international distribution.

Who can apply?

The main production company, or any authorised person may apply for a grant.

Main producer must meet the requirements of having within the last five years produced a minimum of one film, one drama series or one documentary series. The screen production should also have had a wide distribution.

The objective of the incentive programme is “to increase the number of international films and series produced in Norway to promote Norwegian culture, history and nature” and “improve the experience and skills of the Norwegian film industry, stimulate growth, promote a sustainable Norwegian film industry and support international cooperation” by granting productions that are produced partly or entirely in Norway up to 25% return on costs spent in Norway.

Funding Criteria

The incentive programme is aimed at productions produced entirely or partly in Norway that are intended for international distribution.

In order to be eligible, the minimum total production budget sums are:

  • NOK 25 million for feature films
  • NOK 10 million for documentary films
  • NOK 10 million per episode for drama series
  • NOK 5 million per episode for documentary series

The minimum requirement for eligible costs spent in Norway is NOK 4 million, and applies to all productions.

A minimum of 30 % of the financing must come from international sources (outside of Norway), and the production must prove international distribution agreement.

To qualify for a grant under the programme, the production must achieve at least the minimum required score in the Qualification test.

  • Applications must be submitted before the start of the production in Norway.
  • Applications must be submitted in the online application form provided on the Norwegian Film Institute website and must be submitted in Norwegian or English.
  • Applications can only be processed when all the required documents have been submitted.

For more information go to NFI's Guide for applicants

Reimbursment grants

  • The grant amount may total up to 25% of the approved costs relating to the production in Norway.
  • If more than 80 % of the total approved production costs will arise in Norway, the grant amount will be calculated based on the total production costs in the EEA (reg. sect.7).
  • A decision of reimbursement grant will be confirmed with a provisional Grant Letter from The Norwegian Film Institute.
  • The decision grant of reimbursement are valid for 12 months, with the possibility of a 12 months extension due to force majeure or other special circumstances.
  • Request for payment of the reimbursenment grant must be sent to The Norwegian Film Institute within six months after production terminates in Norway and disbursement is conditional on the delivery of the requested materials in the Grant Letter.
  • The grant recipient must be an audiovisual production company registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises, established specifically for the applicant production.
  • Grants given under the incentive programme may not be combined with other production grants from The Norwegian Film Institute.
  • Grants given under the incentive programme may be combined with grants from regional funds in Norway and development and marketing grants from The Norwegian Film Institute.